Groups of students and staff and community members stand in front of Strongsville Middle School in blizzarding snow

With Silver Creek and Shoreland built, the next phase of the OFCC Rebuilding Project is the creation of a new middle school, welcoming 6-8th grade students in the Fall of 2026. Planning for a building to last for decades to come is no small task - that's why WLS is enlisting lots of help.

After putting out a call for volunteers in December, Dr. Anstadt and the Ohio School Facilities Construction Commission gathered the first 40 volunteers, comprised of students, staff, administration and community members, to brainstorm ideas for what they might like to see (or not see!) in a new middle school. 

After that initial meeting, the team was invited to visit several recently-built middle schools in the Cleveland area, serving a population of similar size to WLS. The team took copious notes about the pros and cons of each building and braved their way through a snowstorm to gather this important data.

A third follow-up meeting gave them a chance to compile their findings, which were submitted to the state as potential ideas. The next steps involve the co-selection of an architect who will further engage staff, students, and the community. This will take place over several months and regular updates will be provided at Board of Education meetings. 

Stay tuned for this exciting time!