Students gather round teachers with giant check

Washington Local Schools is proud to announce the 2023 WLS Foundation Grant winners! WLS staff spent all of November generously donating to the WLS Foundation, so that the money could be given RIGHT BACK TO teachers who submitted innovative, creative ideas for deeper learning. There were so many quality applicants, the WLS Foundation agreed to donate additional funds to make sure more awesome learning opportunities were able to happen.  Grants were awarded to the following staff:

1. Rachel Geha (Shoreland):  Kindergarten research project on Macy's Day Parade, culminating with a Thanksgiving Parade with floats

2. Sue Kershner (Silver Creek): STEM center in second-grade wing

3. Amber Knaggs (Whitmer): Class trip to Henry Ford Museum

4. Sue Krecioch / Hope Pawlaczyk (Shoreland): After-School program for students needing more socialization and support 

5. Niki Louks (Monac): Flexible seating and reading corners for students

6. Jeff MacKenzie (Whitmer): Stone Lab Field Trip to Lake Erie to study plankton

7. Lena Miller (Whitmer): A Broadway master class from the cast of 'The Lion King'

8. Maryann Morelli (Hiawatha): Fossil Garden field trip and marble runs for classroom engagement

9. Matt Mullan (Whitmer): Digital Comic Creation

10. Erin Piasecki (Shoreland):  Classroom set of books for in-class library

11. Paige Scott (Shoreland): Classroom decoders for increased literacy ability in first graders

12. Felicia Singleton (Whitmer): Classroom Playaways for audio learners 

13. Matt Thompson (Whitmer): Urban Garden for students planting and harvesting crops 

14. Matt Townsend (Monac): Two extra ping pong tables for more engaged student involvement after school