FAQ - General

WLS-PVA: FAQ - General

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Does my child need to meet immunization requirements to attend PVA?

  • Yes.  Per WLS School Board policy 5320 - Go to REQUIRED STUDENT IMMUNIZATIONS

  • In order to safeguard the school community from the spread of certain communicable diseases and in recognition that prevention is a means of combating the spread of disease, the Board of Education requires all students to be immunized against poliomyelitis, measles, diphtheria, rubella (German measles), pertussis, tetanus, mumps, and others legally designated in accordance with State statutes, unless specifically exempt for medical or other reasons. The Board also requires that students who start kindergarten during or after the school year beginning in 1999 be immunized against Hepatitis B or be in the process of being immunized. This policy pertains to both students who currently attend school in the District and those eligible to attend.

Can my student play interscholastic athletics at Whitmer and go to PVA?

  • Yes.  All athletes need to be enrolled in 5 courses to be eligible to play, maintain at least a 1.0 grade point average, and meet the attendance requirements for participation.

Can my child participate in clubs, athletics/sports, any extracurricular activity while attending the Panther Virtual Academy?

  • Yes.  Any student attending the Panther Virtual Academy is permitted to participate in any extracurricular activities available in Washington Local Schools.  Transportation would need to be provided by the family.

Can my child participate in band, choir, or any of the CTC programs that occur during the school day and still attend the Panther Virtual Academy?

  • Yes.  A Panther Virtual Academy student can participate in a performance-based class during the school day.  Depending on when the class is offered during the school day, transportation would need to be provided by the family.  There may be some opportunities for remote participation with some courses.

Can my student still participate in LEAP?

  • Yes.  If your child qualifies for LEAP then they may access LEAP services.  We are working on the service delivery model for LEAP currently, so more information will be forthcoming about how our LEAP program will look this school year.

My child has an IEP/504.  Can they attend the Panther Virtual Academy?

  • Yes.  Student Services will meet with the family of any student on an IEP/504 to review the goals of the IEP/504 to see how the student’s learning needs can be best met.  If you have questions regarding your child’s participation, please contact our Department of Student Services at 419-473-8236.

Is it possible to get more information about the curriculum and see some sample lessons?

How much time per day should my child be spending on the computer?  

  • The amount of time your child spends on the computer doing their assignments is up to your family.  The time may vary based on other commitments your child has, how much time it takes them to successfully engage with and complete their school work, their age and level of stamina, etc.  What we will be monitoring is how the student is progressing through their coursework and the time devoted to being successful with that coursework.

Will this be scheduled like a typical school day?

  • No.  The schedule is flexible and will be determined by what is best for your family.

Why do we have to commit for the entire school year?

  • As a fiscally responsible district, we need to be able to predict our costs as much as possible.  We need to have fixed cost projections in order to budget our resources appropriately.  Since we will need to provide staff to operate the Panther Virtual Academy, we need to know how many staff to allocate to the academy.  This is why we are having a registration period that ends on August 7th, so we will know how many students will be attending.  We also make staff assignments for the entire school year which is why we are asking for you to commit to PVA for the entire school year.  This helps the district allocate the appropriate amount of resources to the Panther Virtual Academy to facilitate a high quality online learning experience for our students while being fiscally responsible.

Can my high school student schedule the same courses that they signed up for this past spring?

  • Yes.  You will be directly involved in creating your schedule for this 2020-21 school year.  A teacher or counselor will assist you as you schedule your courses. If you want to schedule the same courses, you are able to do that.  If you’d like to schedule something different, then you can do that too.