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Buckeye Cable - Home Internet Assistance

Buckeye Broadband is offering the families of Washington Local Schools two options for assistance with home internet for students.

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)
ACP is a federal allowance of $30 per month toward any internet plan, for households that qualify. Buckeye Broadband has specifically created a $30, 100mbps internet option for ACP qualifiers, to ensure there is no cost for this service.

Use this site to sign up:

  • 100 mbps internet speed
  • 250 gbs of data per month
  • approximately 4-6 streams at a time, with up to 10 devices

School FreeNet
School FreeNet is a basic speed (allowing up to 3 streams during school hours 7am-4pm). The service turns back to FreeNet after 4pm and on weekends – which is an ad-supported, basic speed, that allows 1 stream at a time. Data unlimited.

Please call the school office for your child to request this service.

  • During the day (7AM until 4PM)
    • Basic Speed (3 streams at a time up to 4 devices)
    • Unlimited data
    • No advertisement
  • Evening (4PM until 7AM) 
    • Basic Speed (1 speed, 1 device)
    • Unlimited data
    • Ad supported every few minutes