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Superintendent's Update - January 10, 2022

Good Morning Washington Local,

During this challenging time, I've found inspiration and strength from many of you who stop me at a game or send me a text or email to tell me I'm in your thoughts or prayers, and from other school leaders, as well. One of those superintendents is Joe Sanfelippo from Falls Creek, Wisconsin--just a short distance from where my mom was raised.

This past week, Joe recorded his "One Minute Walk to Work." I've linked the Twitter story here if you're interested. His message was right on point -- "Find Joy and Purpose in Where You Are."

Over the weekend I watched as a lot of districts moved to virtual for some or all of their students. Some are still in session and are navigating staff and student absences. The news is full of stories of the fear and frustrations we all feel as this pandemic rages once again. Joe talks about his incredible staff and how much they love their students. At Washington Local, this same kind of staff cares for your students every day. They want our kids in school. We all do.

On Friday when we looked ahead to this week, it was clear we were very sick both as a staff and as a student body. We wanted to give families more than just a day to prepare. Over the weekend, positive cases have continued to climb. Even with all of the substitute employees we've been able to add, there would have been many combined classes which is unsafe for students and staff.

Sometimes we need to take one step back so we can take two steps forward. We all sincerely hope that this is the last time this year we need to move to virtual learning.

Let's find joy in the ways your kids' teachers have pulled out all the stops to be sure students stay current in their classes and connected with their classmates. Our purpose is to ensure that EVERY student knows they matter. If you look closely, I think you'll see many examples of that this week! We will strive to make EVERY moment count--even the tough ones.

Our fabulous nutrition workers will be providing 5-packs of breakfast and lunch this week at each school. You can place your order for all the 0-18 year olds in your household, and pick them up at one school. Please refer to the information and phone numbers listed below to call one of the schools to place your meal bag order.

We will be offering meal bags for pick up.

Each bag will include 5 breakfast meals and 5 lunch meals for the week (1 bag per child).

The bags are available for any child 0-18 years old.

You may order from any of our schools and pick up meals for all your children from one location.

The Nutrition Service staff will coordinate a time and location with you for your meal pick-ups.

Please call one of the following schools to place your order:

Whitmer - 419-473-8428
Jefferson - 419-473-8436
Washington - 419-473-8342
Greenwood - 419-473-8263 ext. 7101
Hiawatha - 419-473-8268 ext. 7154
Jackman - 419-473-8274 ext. 7201
McGregor - 419-473-8279 ext. 7257
Meadowvale - 419-473-8284 ext. 7331
Monac - 419-473-8289 ext. 7355
Shoreland - 419-473-8294 ext. 7435
Wernert - 419-473-8218 ext. 7506

If you have any questions, please contact Deb Warren – Nutrition Service Supervisor at 419-473-8458 or [email protected].

Thank you for allowing us to use this week to get well so we can be there for our kids next week!

Every Student Matters; Every Moment Counts!

Kadee Anstadt, Ed.D.
Washington Local Schools
3505 W. Lincolnshire Blvd.
Toledo, OH 43606

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