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Superintendent's Update - February 28, 2022

Good Morning Washington Local,

Last Friday, the Centers for Disease Control revised the rules for masks on school transportation. In alignment with the CDC, beginning Tuesday, March 1, Washington Local Schools will no longer require masks on school transportation. Masks will be required on the buses through the end of the day on Monday, February 28 to give any family the opportunity to arrange for alternative transportation if needed.

We have many athletes involved in tournament play this week. Be sure to check out our social media and wls4kids.org to stay current on all the latest tournament schedules.

Happy 30th Anniversary to the Washington Twp. Girls Softball League! If you have a 3rd grade or older student interested in softball, you can learn more at wtgsl.org.

Finally, I had a great discussion this past week with a parent who had some questions about why we provided a particular service. I so appreciated that she reached out to have the conversation with me. As a large public school district, we receive public records requests and recently the number of requests has increased dramatically. You may not be aware, but every check we write is online and available for you to see. The five-year forecast, every board meeting, and each of your child's Google Classroom accounts give you a window into what goes on each day in this amazing district. If you still have questions, a good place to start is with your child's school. We will be sure you get the information you need. I am also happy to have a conversation about anything that is on your mind. I am confident that we will both leave with a better understanding of each other and find a lot of common ground.

We are here to provide the best possible experience for your children. We want to stay focused on that goal while also ensuring you have the information you need to feel confident in our commitment. Let's model strong communication skills for our kids. Have a great week! Spring is coming!

Kadee Anstadt, Ed.D.
Washington Local Schools
3505 W. Lincolnshire Blvd.
Toledo, OH 43606

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