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My Chromebook Keeps Going to Sleep

Locate KeepAwake ExtensionChromebooks are able to say the batteries last for 8+ hours of use because the Chromebook is constantly trying to find things to turn off in order to save the battery. This includes turning off the wifi, the screen, and the entire device. There is an extension we have enabled in the Chrome Browser called "Keep Awake" that can be set to keep your Chromebook awake.

  1. Start your Chromebook and log in
  2. Open the Chrome Web Browser
  3. Click on the extensions icon near the top right corner
  4. Scroll down to the Keep Awake icon - you toggle through the options by clicking on the name / icon
    • The sun icon means that the screen will be kept on.
    • The moon icon means that the system will behave the same way that it would if the extension were not installed.
    • The sunset icon is a middle ground: the system will avoid sleeping (as described above) but the screen will still turn off.

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