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Substitute Information

Washington Local Schools Needs You to be a Substitute

Substitute Information Banner - Rates Below

Join the team at Washington Local Schools to support our students, teachers and community!

Teaching StaffSupport Staff
  • Bachelor's Degree is required in any field to be issued a Substitute Teaching License.
  • High School Diploma is required to be issued a One Year Temporary Non-Bachelor's Substitute Teaching  License for 2021-2022 school year. 
  • Must have a clean criminal background check
  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Must have a clean criminal background check
Sample PayTeacher - $125/day
  • Bus Driver - $18.00/hr
  • Bus Monitor - $13.00/hr
  • Classroom Aide - $14.00/hr
  • Custodian - $13.00/hr
  • Health Aide - $20.00/hr
  • Kindergarten Instructional Support Aide - $14.00/hr
  • Maintenance - $14.00/hr
  • Nutrition Service Workers - $13.00/hr
  • Safety Aide - $13.00/hr