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Local Schools

Every Student Matters;

Every Moment Counts.

Voice Recognition

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Download PDF version of 2021-2022 Strategic Plan Executive Summary

Vision Statement

Every Student Matters. Every Moment Counts

Essential Principals

  • All families have dreams for their children and want what is best for them. They send us their very best each day.
  • We work to support all families’ visions of success for their children.
  • The responsibility for building and sustaining family partnerships rests with us.
  • All students and staff deserve a physically and social-emotionally safe environment.

Mission Statement

Together we cultivate Empathy, Integrity,  Communication, Adaptability, Lifelong Learning, and Critical Thinking in our students by championing safe and inspiring schools.

Strategic Plan Focus Area

Priority 1: Teaching/Learning & Innovation

Plan personalized learning experiences that cultivate skills, mindsets, and literacies essential for all students to become lifelong learners and contributors to our community.
  • High quality professional learning
  • Digitally rich and inspiring instruction
  • Comprehensive, relevant, and evolving curriculum

Priority 2: Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Create a welcoming and inclusive environment, values diverse perspectives, and fosters engagement across a safe school community.
  • Inclusive and welcoming environments
  • Respect for diverse perspectives
  • Engaging, positive, and safe community

Priority 3: Talent Development

Elevate all staff, in the service of students, with human resources systems that attract, grow, and retain innovative and diverse talent equipped to realize the district’s vision.
  • Active recruiting that reflects our population and values
  • Supportive environments that encourage growth, leadership opportunities, and job satisfaction

Priority 4: Community Engagement

Nurture and cultivate an engaged community through consistent and effective communication.
  • Increased communication to families, alumni, and partners
  • Strengthening partnerships, internships, and relationships
  • Increased visibility of our district brand

Priority 5: Finance & Facilities

Demonstrate financial responsibility ensuring that every dollar spent enhances and adds value for our students, staff, and community.
  • Enhancement, development, and protection of funding streams that support the longevity of the district
  • Safe, secured, and accessible facilities

Portrait of a Panther

The Portrait of a Panther provides the North Star for Washington Local Schools by identifying the competencies every student and staff member should demonstrate.


Consistently demonstrates awareness, compassion, and respect for others’ feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and culture

Critical Thinking

Skillfully evaluates available evidence and challenges established ideas with rational, open-minded, and informed reasoning


Listens to understand, and then communicates thoughts and ideas in a variety of forms


Develops and lives by a set of personal values, earning trust and respect through honest, principled, and compassionate behavior


Remains flexible in a climate of constant change by reflecting and productively responding to feedback

Learner's Mindset

Remains curious, actively seeks answers, pursues diverse perspectives, and is driven by the desire to learn, unlearn, and relearn