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Standard Based Report Card

Standard Based Report Cards

Washington Local Schools is implementing a new grade card that provides more information about what your child knows, understands, and can do. This new standards-based grade card will replace previously used Washington Local grade cards.

At the end of the first quarter, students in grades 1-2 will receive a newly designed grade card reflecting the guiding principles of “Standards-Based Grading”. Since Kindergarten students do not receive first quarter grades, they will be issued a newly designed grade card at the end of the second quarter. The district’s research into formative instructional practices, which standards-based grading is a component, stems back to the implementation of the new Ohio Learning Standards in 2010.

Teachers of students in grades K-2 will now score each student on how well he or she is doing on the key “Learning Standards” for each grade level. These key standards are what we believe to be the most important skills students need to know based on Ohio’s Learning Standards. Teachers will now provide you with the level your child(ren) is achieving at, rather than the previous praiseworthy (P), satisfactory (S), or unsatisfactory (U) measures. The goal of this new grading and reporting system will provide parents, teachers, and students with accurate information about students’ progress toward mastering the learning standards.