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Special Education Documents

Required Special Education Documents

In order for our staff to serve the special needs of your student, it is vital that we have the most recent copies of the following documentation:

ETR – Also known as MFE or Evaluation Report. The title of this document varies from state to state. This is the document that shows your student qualifies for special education services and highlights the areas of need. This evaluation is done every 3 years.

IEP* – This is the student’s Individualized Education Plan and contains goals and services that support your student’s specialized needs. IEP’s are done every year.

* If your student is transferring to Washington Local from a parochial school, the student will have an SP (Service Plan) in place of an IEP. Service plans are also done annually.

Having these documents with you at the time of registration will help us place your child in the appropriate educational setting and allow your child to start school promptly, and in the correct program.

Please call us if you have any questions or concerns about this documentation.

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