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To contact a faculty member by phone, call 419-473-8383 and enter their extension listed below:

Dotson, Elena

[email protected]x7819
Figliomeni, Mark[email protected]x7822

Fischer, Brenda

[email protected]x7828
Jakutowicz, Nicholas[email protected]x7820
Johnson, Lorie
Department Chair
[email protected]x7817
MacKenzie, Jeff[email protected]x8432

Masters, Barbara

[email protected]x8454
Meek, Haley [email protected]x7824

Muir, Justin

[email protected]x7823
Rubley, Jason[email protected]x7825

Snodgrass, Ryan

[email protected]x7827
Terry, Bernadette[email protected]x7815
Thompson, Matt[email protected]x7816

Course Information

Students will have the opportunity to explore the physical and living world. Science courses are designed to meet individual career goals. In today’s job market, it is important for students to have as many career opportunities as possible. All students, and especially college-bound students, are strongly encouraged to take four years of science, and those considering future careers related to science are strongly encouraged to take advanced level coursework including Chemistry, Physics, and Anatomy and Physiology, or an Advanced Placement Chemistry class. Three science credits, including Physical Science and Biology are required for graduation.

See pages 75-79 of the curriculum guide for more information.