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School Closings Delays

School Closings and Delays Information

School Closing/Delay Information School Closings/Delays 

School closings and delayed openings will be announced on local radio stations, television stations, and WLS Facebook Page. When schools are closed, school system events that day and evening are automatically canceled.

Check these local station links:

Severe Weather Procedures:

During tornado watches/warnings, sky watchers are posted, the radio is monitored, and playground activities are canceled. 

In the Event of a Tornado Warning: 

Incoming phone calls are not received and after-school activities are canceled. School will not be dismissed while a tornado warning is in effect without permission of the Administration Building. 

During a Watch: 

Children are dismissed at the regular time and cautioned to go directly home. Parents are discouraged from picking up students early, but children will be released if requested. 

Emergency Evacuation: 

If a school building has to be evacuated in an emergency, a plan has been developed to provide shelter and protection for the students. Parents will be notified early in the year of the location of the shelter and the best procedure to follow in picking up their children. 

National Security/School Safety Bulletin: 

The following safety procedures have been established in the event that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security declares a national Threat Level Red, the highest alert level. Should a Threat Level Red be announced BEFORE school hours, school will be CLOSED. If a Threat Level Red is announced DURING school hours, school buildings will be secured and remain open until regular dismissal unless otherwise directed by the Regional Terrorism Task Force. Once closed, schools will remain closed until advised by the Regional Terrorism Task Force to re-open.