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Welcome to the Malcolm-Bain Center
Alternative Education for Washington Local Schools' Whitmer High School

What is the Malcolm-Bain Center?

Malcolm-Bain is a career education, community service, self-reflection and credit recovery program that we offer our juniors and seniors to allow them to work on getting their credits in a nontraditional computer-based classroom. The program is named for Keith Malcolm and Sue Bain, who were two very dedicated, empathic teachers at Whitmer High School. They made it their mission to provide guidance and support for each student they came in contact with.  Both went above and beyond to ensure student success.

Malcolm-Bain is a perfect fit for students who have fallen behind on their credits due to various reasons and for those who can embrace self-awareness in order to grow and become successful. We at Malcolm-Bain have made it our mission to lift up and support our students to reach success.

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