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Voice Recognition

Intervention Specialists

Intervention Specialists

To contact a faculty member by phone, call 419-473-8383 and enter their extension listed below:

Bazeley, Jennifer

[email protected] x7829

Brown, Eric

[email protected] x7809
Castro, Rebekah [email protected] x7818
Chadwick, Gina g[email protected] x7852
Cowan, Kelly
Department Chair
[email protected] x8422
Crespo, Marisa [email protected] x8422
Densmore, Brad [email protected] x7893

Dougherty, Carrie

[email protected] x7831

Elendt, Leslie

[email protected] x7839
Hartman, Heidi [email protected] x7845
Hunter, Julie [email protected] x7829
Karcsak, Melanie [email protected] x8422
King, Joni [email protected] x8322
LaPoint, Matt [email protected] x7050

Mallory, Mary

[email protected] x8375

Maly, Amanda

[email protected] x7838
Markowiak, Jim [email protected]


Molloy, Don

[email protected] x7808
Nino, James
Department Chair
[email protected] x7849
Nino, Jennifer [email protected] x7880
Nowakowski, Beyea [email protected] x7837
Rao, Heidi [email protected] x7818

Riker, Catie

[email protected] x8437

Roberts, Joy

[email protected] x7880
Spain, KaSandra
Department Chair
[email protected] x7849
Steinmiller, Kenneth [email protected] x7050
Wilson, Sabrina [email protected] x7857
Wolf, Karen [email protected] x8311