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Health & Physical Education

Health & Physical Education

To contact a faculty member by phone, call 419-473-8383 and enter their extension listed below:
Brown, Ryan[email protected]x7987
Clark, Ann[email protected]x7865
Clay, James[email protected]x7810
Dake, Christina
Department Chair
[email protected]x8352
Kubicki, Greg[email protected]x7811
Noland, Heather[email protected]x7807

Course Information

The State of Ohio requires health and physical education to be successfully completed by all students prior to graduation. Health is generally a course for freshman and PE Sports and Physical Fitness is generally a course for sophomores. All of the other PE and Health courses listed are elective courses. Students are required to change into appropriate athletic clothing for all PE classes and jewelry is asked to be removed for safety. Participation is required for successful completion of all courses in the Health and Physical Education Department.

See pages 61-63 of the curriculum guide for more information.