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Grade Posting

PowerSchool - Grade Posting
Every teacher and every class / subject has different grading needs. Some classes by the very nature will have many smaller assignments given on a daily basis and other classes may have only a few major projects. Most classes will have some mixture of daily and long-term assignments. To help give parents and teachers a starting point for understanding each classes' unique grading needs Washington Local Schools has implemented the following guidelines:

The purpose of the online gradebook for teachers and parents is to help teachers in maintaining high-quality grading practices and to give parents access to student progress in a frequent and predictable manner. Different types of assignments within different classes and grade levels will have different grading / posting timelines.

Daily Assignments: These are defined as, but not limited to, nightly homework, tests, quizzes, in-class assignments and / or group work. In general, the time for daily assignments to be posted for parent access on PAM is within ten calendar days from the due date. In the case of late assignments the grades will be posted within ten days of the late submission.

Long-Term Assignments / Projects: These are defined as, but not limited to, assignments or projects where students are given multiple days to complete the work. Examples could include research projects, extensive essays and presentations. In general, time for these types of assignments to be posted is fourteen calendar days from the due date. In the case of late submissions the grade will be posted within fourteen days of the late submission. As there may be projects that are unique or unusual to categorize, teachers should use the "Tips to Parents Details" to communicate details of these assignments, including an approximate grade posting date.

Elementary Specialist: Art, Music and Physical Education teachers will be expected to post only quarter, semester and final grades.

Although the PAM is an excellent resource for communication, one must realize there are limitations as to how this information can be used. Grades can fluctuate because of the various assignments and weights of each assignment. Knowing these limitations, it is important for parents to continue the practice of monitoring completed work, checking assignment books and reviewing graded assignments.