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General Directions

Registration - General Directions

Welcome to Washington Local Schools
New Student Registration is completed on-line

The Washington Local School system provides elementary and secondary education (PreK-12) for children meeting residency requirements. In order to be eligible for public education, a student must be in legally recognized custody of a resident or government agency within the district. 

Registration for all students grade PreK through 12 for the 2021-22 school year: Currently the registration process is online. Please complete the online application by clicking on the 2021-22 enrollment box above, and then submit your documents electronically. Please read the instructions below as to how you may submit your registration documents online. 

To complete the registration process by email: Submit online form and then send one email (scan documents on smartphone) with the student and parent names, along with the following documents to [email protected]. You will NOT need to schedule an appointment to come in to the office.

Required Documents

The required scanned documents include: (no screenshots from your phone) 
  • Your students birth certificate and the parent/legal guardian ID
  • TWO current proofs of residency in the parent/guardian name. The proofs MUST be from the following list of acceptable documents:
    • The entire Signed lease or mortgage statement. 
    • CURRENT utility bills (the entire electric, gas, water, cable/internet bill). 
    • ONE CURRENT government document (SSI, unemployment, or JFS) may be used in addition to one of the above items.
  • If there is custody paperwork regarding your student, that entire agreement must be sent as well.


In order for the registration to be complete for students K-12, you will need to have completed the online application AND submitted the scanned documents. Once you have completed both items, you will receive a confirmation email which will complete your students registration.

Washington Local Preschool registration is completed through ESC of Lake Erie West. For registration information contact either Kay Wiedmann at 419-473-2237 or [email protected] or Beth Tolson at 419-245-3809.

You will need to create a new account to register your child.  Please do not confuse this with your PowerSchool Parent account, if you already have children in school. The parent of every NEW student (including kindergarten) needs to create an account for new student registration. You can register more than one new student on that account. 

If you are unable to scan documents via email, you may fax documents to 419-473-8300 or mail your documentation to the address below. Please be sure to note your name and your students name on all documents. Your registration is not complete until you receive a confirmation email.

Registration Office
Washington Local Schools 
3505 W. Lincolnshire Blvd 
Toledo, OH 43606 

Additional Required Information

Your child's enrollment is not considered complete, and your child will not be assigned to a class until we receive the following: 

Official Birth Certificate or passport - If you do not have an original you may obtain a certified copy of a birth certificate through the Toledo Lucas County Health Department – Vital Records Department at 635 N. Erie St, Toledo Ohio 43624. There is a $25 fee. Please call 419-213-4100 for details.

Parent/Guardian Photo ID - Current

Proof of Custody 
If the child's parents are divorced you must provide the complete journalized, signed custody papers(divorce/dissolution decree, shared parenting agreement, or juvenile court decision) proving residential parent information.
  • If custody is with someone other than the biological parents you must present a complete journalized copy of the legal custody papers transferring custody.
  • If legal custody is being established or modified, you must present a copy of the court stamped motion for change of custody. This will allow the petitioner to enroll the student and give them sixty days from the date of enrollment to obtain a journalized judgment entry establishing or modifying the custody.
  • The general rule in Ohio (RC3109.042) is that an unmarried female who gives birth to a child is the sole residential parent and legal custodian of the child until a court issues an order designating another person as the residential and legal guardian.
Proof of Residency
As proof of residency you must provide two of the following:
  • Two current utility bills (gas, electric, water, cable) STUB MUST BE ATTACHED in the parent/guardian's name. They must be the entire bills, not just the address so they be printed out.
  • Signed lease agreement + a current utility bill in the parent/ guardian's name
  • Signed purchase agreement for a home in the parent's name - (60 days to present utility bills in parent's name)
  • Signed lease agreement + current Government agency document in the parent's name (for example, unemployment statements, job and family services, social security administration)
  • If you are sharing a residence with a friend or family member in the district, a notarized friends and family affidavit + a current signed lease agreement (if renting) or mortgage statement (if own) + one current utility bill in the homeowner's name is required.  An additional proof is also required in the parent's name, tying you to that address. That proof can be a paycheck stub, unemployment statement, social security letter, or LCJFS letter in the parent of the enrolling student's name.
Current Immunization Records
For New Kindergarten students, Immunization record, 5 year physical, and dental forms must be received in the school by September 15.
For students in  all other grades, please provide a copy of your student's immunization records. 

Special Education
If your child receives special education services it is helpful to bring the current signed IEP (Individualized Education Plan), and signed ETR (Evaluation Team Report),to expedite the student's placement. Your child can not start school without the IEP and ETR.

Previous School Information
Please bring the following to your scheduled appointment:
  • Current transcript (High school only)
  • Name, address, phone number of previous school
  • Most recent grade card for Jr. high school students

Registration Form Downloads