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FAQ - Technology/Chromebooks

Chromebook Information

New Hours for WLS Chromebook Depot - starting Monday, August 31,2020
  • Monday through Friday
  • 7 AM until 6 PM

Where do I get my Chromebook?

Hybrid Model / Distance LearningEnrolled in PVA (Panther Virtual Academy
Students in K - 3 gradesStudent need to share with older person in household until new Chromebooks arrive

We are working on a plan to make sure there is at least one device per household.
Students pick up their Chromebook at the Chromebook Depot at Jefferson Warehouse

Monday through Friday
7 AM until 7 PM

Directions to WLS Chromebook Depot
Students in 4 - 12 gradesStudents pick up their Chromebook at their Home School Building - Directions from the building on dates / times / location to follow Students pick up their Chromebook at their Home School Building - Directions from the building on dates / times / location to follow 

What should I do if we need assistance with getting home internet access?
Please contact your student's home school office. They will ask you for some home contact information and Washington Local will work Buckeye Cable to help you. Please note that if you used the Buckeye program this past spring you will need to resubmit at your student's home school.

Chromebook Information Update - 7-30-2020

Are all teachers going to be given a computer to complete remote learning?
  • Currently staff will use their equipment at school so that the district can provide equipment, bandwidth, and support. The district is exploring options for providing staff level chromebooks.
What technology will we be able to use for recording/viewing live lessons?
  • Classrooms have a HoverCam and chromebooks have a built in camera. Zoom enables staff to record videos. Chromebooks have a built in camera app that can record both pictures and videos. All of these images and videos can then be uploaded into your Google Drive to be used in Google Classroom lessons.
Are chromebooks provided?
  • The district is currently one-to-one for students in grades 4 - 12. Students new to 4th grade will receive their chromebooks the first two weeks of school.
  • Students new to the district in grades 5 - 12 will also be issued their chromebook the first two weeks of school.
  • Please note that the “daily borrow” option for chromebooks is no longer available.
  • Each classroom in grades K - 3 will have a set of chromebooks that will be wiped down each night.
  • The district will make sure there is at least one chromebook per household for home instruction.
  • The district is exploring options for providing 1-to-1 chromebooks for all students.
What about students in K-3 who sign up for the Panther Virtual Academy? Will they get a chromebook?
  • Yes, students in grades K-12 who are in the Panther Virtual Academy will be issued a chromebook.
Our student was issued a chromebook at the end of last year when school changed to home instruction. What should we do with this chromebook?
  • Continue to use that chromebook.
There are problems with our student’s chromebook. What should we do?
  • Each building will have its own procedure and location for issuing replacement chromebooks.
  • The only chromebooks that should be turned in for repair are those that do not function, are missing keys, have a broken screen, do not charge, or some other problem that makes it impossible to use the chromebook. Cosmetic damage is not a reason to submit a chromebook for repair.

My student’s chromebook works but it looks really old. Why is it not being replaced?
  • The district needs to get a minimum of five years worth of use out of every chromebook. The district will re-circulate chromebooks to the students as long as a model still works with state testing. Once a model needs to be replaced the district forces a special login screen that asks the student to ask for a replacement.
What happens when my student turns in a chromebook for repairs?
  • First, it is always best to purchase the insurance at the start of every school year. A $15 investment in insurance will reduce the repair charges by 50%. You will save money with the first broken screen because the cost for insurance plus the screen is $40. The cost for a screen without insurance is $50.
  • Procedure
    • The building will issue a replacement unit.
    • The technology department will pick up the unit and evaluate the problem.
    • If the problem requires a replacement part (or the unit is a total loss) the tech will log what is done.
    • A charge (after checking for insurance) will be added to the student’s fee account in PowerSchool
Do chrome books come with a mouse?
  • No, however a student can ask their teacher to request one.
What about staff members sharing technology in the classrooms? For example specialists coming into the room?
  • Staff will need to wipe down the keyboard and mouse after someone else uses it. Wipes without lotion should be used. If you do use the interactive whiteboard you can also use a non-lotion wipe on those devices.
What if there is a problem with the WiFi?
  • Staff need to submit a Help Desk Ticket including the location, date, and time of the problem.
What should parents or students do if they have a question?
  • Please use the Chromebook Question Form to submit your question.