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Community Comment Procedures

Board Meeting Procedures - Community Comment

Purpose of Public Board Meetings

The purpose of the Board of Education meeting is to conduct official Board business. The opportunity for people to address the Board of Education is a privilege that Boards of Education need not grant. This Board of Education has been interested in receiving information from the community. However, in order to provide time for the Board to carry on regular Board business, it becomes necessary to establish certain rules to be followed by those persons wishing to address the Board during Community Comment.

COVID Related Procedures

Submitting Community Comments

The Board of Education is interested in hearing from our community, however during the COVID-19 Emergency, Community Comment will be suspended due to social distancing requirements.

However, the Board of Education would still like to hear from our community during this unprecedented time. If you are interested in providing comments to the Board of Education please send to: [email protected].

Viewing the Board of Education Meetings

Due to the social distancing requirements all Board of Education meetings will be live streamed for public viewing at the link below:

Recordings of prior Board Meetings can be found at the link below:

Procedure for Community Comment

  1. Person addressing the Board should state his/her full name and address.

  2. The number of delegates speaking on a particular topic should be limited to one
    whenever possible.

  3. Person addressing the Board should limit his/her remarks to three minutes
    unless the presentation is of an unusual nature.

  4. Questions pertaining to the school operation should be directed to the
    administration at a time other than during Community Comment.

  5. Person addressing the Board should not engage in remarks that could be
    interpreted as libelous or inflammatory to a particular individual.

  6. The Board of Education will attempt to complete the item of Community
    Comment within thirty minutes.
Adopted by the Washington Local Board of Education ~ June 7, 2014