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District Communications

Our Purpose
The Communications Department at Washington Local serves to support two-way communication between our district and our stakeholders. This relationship leads to better understanding of our schools and their role within the community as well as the needs and expectations of stakeholders.
The district is accountable for clear communication
As a public institution, the school district is accountable to parents and other citizens, informing them about their investment in public education and seeking their insight on helping the school district deliver high quality educational programs that meet the needs of our learners and community.
The role of district staff in communication
All district staff members, regardless of their role, play a part in communicating information about their school and/or the district as they interact with learners, parents and other stakeholders.
The Communications Department supports staff as they provide this news and information to families.
Communicating with Washington Local
Washington Local Schools values the feedback we receive from parents and community members. We want to hear from you - please share your questions, concerns, and praises.
Most questions and concerns can be addressed by first contacting the classroom teacher or building administrator. General questions may be directed to the Main Office of each building, the Administrative Offices at 419-473-8220.

Media Contacts:
Please note that members of the media are asked to contact the Communications Department with requests to interview administration, facilitators, staff, and students.