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After-School Tutoring

After-School Tutoring

After School Tutoring is NOT available right now in order to follow COVID safety protocols.

FREE After School Tutoring is available at Washington Junior High!

Every student will be asked to sign in by 3:05 pm, come prepared with school work to be completed, and to work quietly for the 45 minute session. All daily rules and procedures that are followed at WJHS will be enforced during the after school sessions.

In order for all students to work to the best of their ability, those that come unprepared or disturb others during the work session will be asked to leave immediately!

Students need to have their ride home arranged before entering the session; bus passes to ride the WLS late bus will be available.

For general questions about the After School Help Sessions - students/parents should inquire to their team’s LA or Math teacher. A parent wanting to monitor as to whether their son/daughter is attending please direct inquires by email to Mr. Jakubowski for Monday, Wednesday sessions and Mrs. Bosch for the Tuesday, Thursday sessions.

Math Help
3:05-3:45 in the Library

Come any Monday or Wednesday with a specific math questions and one of the Washington Junior High math teachers will be available to answer your math questions.  You may also bring your math homework to work on.  Students MUST come with a specific question/problem or homework to complete.  You must have enough work with you to keep you busy the entire study period.

General Homework Help
Tuesdays/Thursdays - 3:05-3:45
Tuesdays in room 214
Thursdays in room 104

Come to General Homework help if you are looking for a quiet place to get a start on your homework.  Teachers will be available to assist you if needed.  You must have enough work with you to keep you busy the entire study period.

Washington Local Schools provides a late bus which will take students home after the normal school dismissal time. The bus picks students up behind the Whitmer Field House at 4:00.  You must get a "late bus pass" and have your school ID to ride the late bus home.
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