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Keller, Lisa[email protected]419-473-7863
Squibb, Matthew[email protected]419-473-7859
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Course Information

In the high school art curriculum, students explore the elements and principles of design, techniques for artwork production, creative problem-solving, and art appreciation. Writing assignments are given to record terminology, techniques, and ideas. Exemplary art work is submitted for jurying each year for participation in national, congressional, state, and local competitions. The high standards set by the art department guide students with a casual interest in art, but also, through portfolio development, encourage students who will be pursuing a college career in art. See pages 15-19 of the curriculum guide for more information.

Celebrating Our Talented Students

We are incredibly proud of our amazing students and the talented, devoted teachers who give so much of themselves each day to nurture and mold those talents. From elementary, junior high and high school art classes, each teacher contributes and shares in the successes of our kids! The Focus Art Exhibit is free and open to the public at the UT Center for the Visual Arts, 620 Art Museum Drive, from November 13-Dec. 14. We encourage you to go and experience this fine show. Here are images of some of that beautiful work:

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